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Business Leadership

Leadership is the critical variable that drives performance in every organization. Leadership is the art of enlisting—or engaging—every employee in sharing the responsibility of getting the organization from point A to point B. Business leadership is the key to achieving your organization's most critical outcomes like productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Building the strongest leadership team possible should be a top priority in every organization that aspires to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance.

Just how important is leadership to an organization's success?

leadershipA long-term study by Kotter and Heskett showed that highly effective leadership produced a 682% growth in revenue versus a 166% increase in firms without strong leaders. During the same time period, firms with high performing leaders had a whopping 901% growth in stock price versus 74% for those firms without effective leaders.

At every level of the organization, the most effective leaders are those who are able to translate the strategic goals of the business into the actions required of their employees to the achieve the desired results. High levels of productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction are built on effective leadership!

Using leading-edge action learning methods, The Strafford Group is able to help your leadership team acquire the tools and skills needed to enable the timely and efficient execution of your business strategy. Our workshop entitled Results-Based Leadership transcends the well-worn theoretical discussions and focuses on the actions that effective leaders use to quickly achieve results. This focus on execution and action ensures that your leaders are directing the efforts of employees on your most important business outcomes. Please refer to this PDF: Results-Based Leadership.

In addition to our Results-Based Leadership workshop, consultants at The Strafford Group can assist your leadership team in four additional areas to strengthen your organization's ability to achieve critical business outcomes:

  • Management Development
  • Building Accountable Teams
  • Strategic Change Leadership and Planning
  • Cross-functional process improvement

Getting from point A to point B is a lot easier if your leadership team has created a clear line of sight for the work performed by each employee to your business objectives. Making sure your leadership team is on the same page is the first step to success. Next, your leadership team must be able to drive high levels of employee engagement to obtain the "discretionary effort" needed from each and every one of your employees to maximize the ability of your organization to achieve and sustain peak performance. Please refer to the Employee Engagement Service area on our website for further details.