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About The Strafford Group

Marc Spaulding, Ph.D., founded The Strafford Group(TSG) in 1994 to provide Organizational and Human Resource Development solutions for the design and implementation of strategy-driven business transformation to achieve critical objectives for growth and profitability. Our mission is simple: We work closely with leadership teams to clarify their mission and critical business objectives. Then we partner with the team to strategize the most effective ways to leverage the talent and capability of the organization to get immediate action and results. Most importantly, we make sure your leaders and employees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

More on Organizational and Human Resource Development

At the Strafford Group our point-of-view is that Organization and Human Resource Development (OD/HRD) is essentially a planned, data-driven effort to increase an organization's ability to achieve critical business outcomes in productivity, profitability, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.

In this view OD/HRD is a necessary response to changes taking place inside every organization that seeks to remain profitable and viable over a long period of time. The specific form the development initiative takes depends on the needs that are present. Typically, OD initiatives begin with questions like:

  • Has leadership effectively established and communicated the goals and objectives of the organization to all employees?
  • Is there a clear line-of-sight from every employee to the strategic goals and objectives of the organization so they know what to do to help achieve the objectives?
  • Is the optimal organizational structure in place to achieve the desired business outcomes?
  • Do managers and employees have the skills and tools necessary to complete their work at high levels of performance?
  • Are work processes organized to maximize efficiency, timeliness, and quality?
  • Are adequate measurement systems in place to help identify and correct deficiencies?
  • Are we really leveraging the skills and motivation of our employees to get a maximum ROI on our human capital?

If you have doubts about the answer to any of the above questions, we recommend that you call TSG to learn what a custom OD/HRD initiative can do to help you accomplish in your business objectives.

The Strafford Group has successfully designed and delivered OD/HRD solutions in businesses and organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of sectors. We specialize in developing customized solutions to support the achievement of your strategic business outcomes in the areas of profitability, productivity, customer service, and employee retention.

All TSG's services are tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Not only do we customize our work for you; we guarantee it. Please call 603.664.6008 to learn more about our services and our guarantee.